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The mistletoe therapy has been applied for decades as a complimentary method to treat cancerous illnesses. Treatment with mistletoe extracts to cure heptatis-c seems to be a possible, perhaps sensible approach. An increased feeling of wellbeing, reduction of the virusload and in the best of circumstances, the elimination of virus are reported. However, so far very few studies have been published to document the mistletoe therapy with hep-c. We want to encourage discussion about these possibilities and would appreciate info from people who have had some experiences with the mistletoe therapy...

General Info about Mistletoe

How Mistletoe Works - Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on tress... source....

Mistletoe Therapy as a complimentary Method to treat Cancer

National Cancer Institue (Bethesda, MD, USA)                                                                       “Mistletoe has been used for centuries to treat a number of ailments in humans, but scientific data from controlled or uncontrolled studies of cancer are limited and often of poor  quality. [12,15-18,20,35,36,48,69,73-76,92-96, reviewed in 50,53,72] To a great extent,research in this area has concentrated on immune system effects.[12,15-18,20,35,36,92,93,reviewed in 72] Relatively few studies have used tumor response or survival as study endpoints, and conflicting results have been obtained.[48,50,74,75,94-96, reviewed in 53,69] Furthermore, the use of different mistletoe products, or combinations of mistletoe products, from one study to the next makes comparison of the findings difficult, and, in some studies, patients have required different doses of the same product to achieve comparable effects on immune system function.[76,92] Although there is substantial evidence of mistletoe's ability to stimulate the human immune system,[12,15-18,20,35,36, reviewed in 72] there is no evidence that this enhanced immunity leads to improved cancer cell destruction.” more....

Outcome Study on Hepatitis C Therapy with Mistletoe Extract and Solanum Lycopersicum in Nonresponders to Interferon/Ribavirin

Combined therapy with pegylated Interferon-alpha and ribavirin reaches sustained response rates of 45-70%, depending on the genotype. The wide range of side effects often leads to interruption or cessation of therapy.  source...                                                                          






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