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Dr. Robert C. Gallo told on 23. April 1984 at a pressconference that probably “HIV causes AIDS”. Ever since, most Doctors worldwide think along this medical Hypotheses, “anti-retroviral drugs” are produced to eliminate HIV, but there is a growing number of scientits who question the “HIV causes AIDS” theory. Read what the “Aids Critics” understand to be the real reasons for Aids.


Toxicologist Saves Patients Life!, February 8, 2000

Reviewer: Larry J. Boyd from Suisun City, California U.S.A

My name is Larry J. Boyd; I am the patient that Dr. Al-Bayati makes mention Of within the covers of his very exciting and extremely powerful Book, "Get All The Facts HIV does not cause AIDS," Dr. Al-Bayati's very eloquently Profiles my case in the Preface, as well as the Introduction and other Specific areas of his book.


I decided to make my story public because the information in this book saved My life and I want to tell the entire world about it in able to take advantage of This unique and exciting opportunity.

Briefly, a mutual medical professor acquaintance that recognized the Severity of my Illness introduced me to Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Bayati. Dr. Al-Bayati Graciously Intervened at that time in my behalf and completed an in-depth, comprehensive And completely neutral medical review and evaluation of my case records. His Conclusions were that my diagnosed illness, Pulmonary Fibrosis. had been produced by my exposure to JP-4 & JP-8 Aviation Fuels plus other toxic Chemicals in the workplace. Kerosene, one of the key ingredients of Jet Fuel Also created lesions in my airways, lungs, and other tissues, as well as Instituting memory loss, but, unfortunately, my HMO was bewildered for the Reason my overall general health was progressively deteriorating at an Alarming rate, and, was completely unresponsive to Steroid treatments.

Thus, further in-depth Toxicological and Pathological investigations were Warranted by Dr. Al-Bayati, he discovered that the steroid treatments, Prednisone and Azathioprine had completely destroyed my immune system and were the Culprits that were not allowing my bodily systems to repair themselves.
In Essence my HMO gave me the appearance of medication induced "Aids." Furthermore, they were unable to profile this element of my illness, merely Telling me my body was eating itself up and they were unable to stop it's Progression.

Indeed, it was an enlightening day for me when my HMO pulmonary physician Called me at home and informed me that he had spoken to Dr. Al-Bayati at his Office in Dixon, CA and had discussed my case in detail with him, moreover through Dr. Al-Bayati's recommendation; my treatment with steroids was Being terminated. My CD4+ T cells counts was 255/ul, furthermore I was cured from AIDS following 22 days Of my last dose of prednisone intake, my CD4+ T cells Count was 657/ul of blood.

Dr. Al-Bayati's book, specifically chapter 14, makes mention of a powerful Antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), also called thioctic Acid. I started Taking this over the counter antioxidant at 500 mg daily and within a few Months was walking up to ten miles a day, all the while carrying my portable Oxygen tank.

I wish to attest to the fact that without Dr. Al-Bayati's vast knowledge of The Toxicological & Pathological fields, his professionalism, his integrity, And most of all, his intervention in my case, I would not be alive today to Give this testimony. When at my very worst, I had possibly less than 30 days To survive.

An individual of Dr. Al-Bayati's status would cost an insurmountable amount Of money to retain, but this gentle giant of a man, who clearly saved my Life, has not asked me for one red cent, choosing to call our relationship a Gift from God. I am absolutely swollen with pride to call this man a friend.

In addition to my own experience, which was getting AIDS from my treatment? With corticosteriods for lung fibrosis, moreover being cured by Dr. Al-Bayati. I have read His book and can highly recommend it for people with AIDS, HIV+, HIV- or any Person with a chronic illness. The information in his book is practical and Diagnostic and will definitely save many lives as well as vital resources.

Larry J. Boyd


HIV Does Not Cause AIDS by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati


Review of the medical literature concerning the causes and the pathogenesis of AIDS worldwide revealed the following facts:

1) AIDS in drug users and homosexuals in the USA and Europe is probably caused by the heavy ancillary use of glucocorticoids and other immunosuppressive agents to medically treat the wide range of the chronic serious illnesses.

2) AIDS in hemophiliacs is clearly related to the use of corticosteroids and other immunosuppressive agents to prevent the development of antibodies for factors VIII and IX and to treat chronic illnesses.

3) AIDS in people receiving blood and/or tissue is related to the use of glucocorticoids to prevent reactions of transfusion and tissue rejection.

4) AIDS in infants and children is probably caused by their exposure to drugs and corticosteroids in utero and their exposure to corticosteroids after birth used to treat their chronic illnesses.

5) AIDS in Africa is caused by malnutrition, release of endogenous cortisol, and by opportunistic diseases. Atrophy in the lymphoid tissue has been observed in HIV-negative people suffering from malnutrition.

6) Damage to the immune system is rapidly reversible after removal of the true insulting agent or treatment of the true causes in both HIV-positive and HIV-negative AIDS patients.

7) Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) and lymphoma are probably induced by the use of steroids and drugs, and the release of endogenous cortisol.

8) HIV appears to be a harmless virus both in the in vivo and the in vitro settings.

9) The uses of glucocorticoids, AZT, and protease inhibitors to treat AIDS are contraindicated. 


Evidence That Invalidates The HIV-Hypothesis

HIV Does Not Cause AIDS by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati

Finding VI The following is a list of medical facts that invalidate the HIV-hypothesis' claim which states that HIV selectively kills CD4+T cells and cause AIDS:

1) the reduction of CD4+ T cells in HIV positive homosexual men who used rectal steroid was reversed after the cessation of the treatment with corticosteroids (Sharpstone et al., 1996). If the HIV is the cause of AIDS in these patients then the cessation of the steroids will not reverse the disease.

2) The reversal of the reduction of CD4+ T cells in HIV-positive pregnant women following the feeding multivitamin and provided balanced diet disprove the idea that HIV is the cause of AIDS. The average CD4+ T cells increase in these patients from 426/µl to 576/µl (Fawzi, et al. 1998).

3) The lymph nodes of majority of the 505 HIV-infected individuals showed lymphoid hyperplasia that include T and B cells (Al-Bayati, 1999).

4) The lymphoid atrophy observed in HIV-infected patients include reduction in T cells (CD4+ and CD+8), B cells, and stroma (Al-Bayati, 1999; Muro-Cacho, et al., 1995).

5) HIV particles were found in CD4+, CD8+ T cells, B cells, and other cells indicating HIV do not need specific receptors as the HIV-hypothesis predict (Al-Bayati, 1999).

6) 90% of AIDS cases were reported to be in drugs users and homosexuals and the changes in the lymphoid organs of HIV-negative drug users or homosexuals were similar to those described in HIV-positive drug users and/or homosexual men ( Fauci, et al., 1998; Al-Bayati, 1999).

7) There are numerous diseases caused by the use of drugs by inhalation such as lung fibrosis, thrombocytopenia and these diseases are chronically treated with high therapeutic doses of corticosteroids ( Fauci, et al., 1998; Al-Bayati, 1999). The long term use of corticosteroids (3-6 months) at dose levels of 60 mg per day can cause AIDS in HIV negative patients (Al-Bayati, 1999).

8) The haemophilia patients are chronically treated with immunosuppressive agents to prevent the development of antibodies to factor VIII and IX and reductions in T cells have been observed in HIV-positive and HIV negative haemophilia patients on corticosteroids ( Fauci, et al., 1998; Al-Bayati, 1999).

9) Blood transfusion patients and people with organ transplants develop AIDS after being treated with corticosteroids and the list of opportunistic diseases described in these groups are similar to those described in people with AIDS ( Fauci, et al., 1998).

10) Patients described with idiopathic CD4+ T cells lymphocytopenia have identical changes in the lymph node to those in people with AIDS, yet these people were HIV negative( Fauci, et al., 1998; Al-Bayati, 1999).

11) HIV-negative people with severe malnutrition have AIDS and show severe atrophy of thymus( Fauci, et al., 1998; Al-Bayati, 1999).

12) The majority (77%) of the cases (2349) in the four AZT clinical trials with AIDS or reduce immunity were HIV-negative (Fischl, et al., 1987 and 1990; Volberding , et al., 1990; Hamilton, et al., 1992; Al-Bayati, 1999).

13) The incubation of HIV with T cells in vitro did not kill any cells for about 4 months (Hoxie, et al., 1985).

14) There are thousands of cases infected with the HIV and did not show any symptoms for more than 10 years( Fauci, et al., 1998; Al-Bayati, 1999).



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